If you’ve ever seen Greece portrayed in Hollywood, you know that it is a tropical, almost movie like paradise. This area is arguably the closest you’ll get to that in reality. It is called Agia Pelagia, and it’s amazing.

The ocean is crisp and blue, the buildings and surrounding nature is vibrant, and the locals are friendly and charming. This is definitely the Hollywood Greece experience, and that’s no bad thing.

Beach Days

The main talking point of the area is definitely the beach. It’s a beautiful, crisp, practically untouched area that has been carefully protected by the local residents to guarantee a beautiful destination.

However, if you are not content to spend all day on the beach, there are plenty of local shops, traditional restaurants, and places to get an ice cream. You can also go snorkelling and diving depending on your preference.

Rent a Car in Agia Pelagia

Eurocar Car Rental is here regardless of whether you want to visit the area or stay here. We have carefully built a rental system that has been designed to give you the best vehicle for your needs in a quick turnaround.

We know that every moment is precious when you’re on holiday, so we will try not to keep you too long for the paperwork. Our process is built around can you access a vehicle quickly, so you can start exploring the local area for yourself. After all, there is plenty to see.

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