If you’re after a relaxing seaside getaway, then the quiet fishing town of Elounda might be just what you need. This stunning location is a slower, quieter way of life, but it is clear that it succeeds at delivering a wonderful atmosphere.

If you are after a part of Greece which is not either commercialised or crowded, this is definitely for you. Like a lot of smaller villages in the area, this has a very timeless quality.

Relax and Unwind

Relaxation is definitely the name of the game here. This is a stunning area which is very laid-back and peaceful. There is no real fast here, no need for rushing, so you are free to explore.

Sample the cuisine and try the seafood - most of it is caught locally. However, the bulk of your days will be spent relaxing in a very quiet and peaceful area. As a fishing village, it’s not particularly concerned with tourism, so the bulk of the buildings and culture is very natural.

Rent a Car in Elounda

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