Heraklion city is one of the most popular parts of Greece and is a prosperous region that frequently sees many visitors. 

Being within travel distance of some of the biggest and most impressive monuments in Crete, there are a lot of benefits to using the area as a travel base to make sure that your trip is enjoyable. 

Plenty of hotels, easy access to modern comforts and lots of culture to explore make the area so impressive. 

An abundance of Transport Links

As a big city with modern conveniences, there are plenty of transport links. Public transport around the city is common, but if you intend to go further afield for the sake of exploration, hiring a vehicle is definitely the best choice.

Rich in Culture

The culture in the area is particularly diverse. There are many Venetian influences visible in the architecture, the design choices, and the culture in the area. 

However, even if you are not a history or culture buff, there is still plenty to look at. The area is naturally stunning and has great weather, making it a paradise.

Rent a Car in Heraklion City

Eurocar Car Rental makes it easy to find a rental vehicle. We have plenty of vehicles for you to choose from in the city area, so it is not difficult to require transportation to explore further afield.

Our process has been designed to be simple and engaging, so anybody can rent a vehicle with minimal difficulty. After all, you will want to get back to exploring.

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