This is a charming seaside village located just a short distance away from the capital of Heraklion.

Kokkini Chani is a beautiful location which is laidback, quiet and enjoyable. Because it is located just a few minutes from the capital, it’s a good choice for people to stay because they can easily navigate between the different parts of Crete without having to travel too far.

A Peaceful Base Camp

The main reason why people choose to stay in the area is the fact that it is a very relaxed, very engaging place. There is no nightlife, there are very limited tourist activities; it’s just a peaceful place to make a base camp. 

When you’ve had a long day of exploring, and you just want somewhere quiet to come back to you, this is a good idea.

Caves and Beaches

Besides the ambience, the one thing that the area is really known for is beaches in caves. There are loads of gorgeous places on the beach to relax, but you can also go exploring caves that have been around for generations to see what’s hiding!

Rent a Car in Kokkini Chani

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