If you’re after a slower pace of life where the world isn’t concerned with rushing around, Matala is the place to be. A quiet little village tucked away in Heraklion; the area is stunning, peaceful and serene.

Time moves slower in the village, so while there are modern comforts, there are also plenty of enjoyable experiences which offer up lots to do. It’s not difficult to see why this is popular.

As one might expect from a more laid-back, relaxed form of life, the area is culturally diverse, offering up plenty of unique ways to enjoy oneself and explore the rich history of the country.

Steeped in Tradition 

Tradition is at the heart of life within Matala. It is clear that there are a lot of unique places to explore which have been largely undisturbed over the years.

The cuisine is diverse and rich; the locals are friendly and charming. The entire area has much more traditional architecture, making it good for visiting a slice of the past.

Rent a Car in Matala

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