Lots of places in Crete have a timeless quality about them, but this is arguably the village by time really does standstill. Welcome to Sissi. 

With views that look like they come out of a book, and the gentle rocking of fisherman boats, this is a great choice for you to visit. The village is wholly authentic, and steeped in history and culture. 

Local Life 

Everything here is traditional, from the way that people dress and move around, to the buildings and space that has been created.

As a village that is located by the sea, there are plenty of opportunities to sample local cuisine. Nearly all of the fish and seafood that you can eat has been caught in the local area.

The village is a charming step back in time, and looks fantastic, but you can also take a scenic hike in the stunning countryside around Sissi.

Rent a Car in Sissi

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It’s easy to rent a car for your needs, so just get in touch with us. We have designed a process that makes it easy for you to rent a vehicle quickly. After all, we don’t want to keep you from being able to explore the local area, not when it’s this pretty. 

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