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What documents do i need to presend at the Eurocar's staff when I pick up my vehicle?

At vehicle pick up you need to have a valid credit or debit card, identity card or a passport and a valid driver’s license, additionally, driver’s licenses that aren’t in Latin script, for example, Chinese, Japanese or Cyrillic script, need to be accompanied by an international driver’s license.

The reservation process is completed but I haven't received my voucher.

Your voucher should arrive via e-mail. Please double check your entered information, and if everything seems in order contact our customer support

If I am late to pick up the vehicle at the specified time, how long will it be available to me? 

If you have informed our Customer support your vehicle will be still available until your arrival, otherwise, the vehicle can be available until 1 hour.

Can I cancel my reservation without a cancelation fee? 

You can cancel your reservation via contacting our Customer support center or by the reservation form up to 48 hours before vehicle pick up free of charge.

If the client does not appear, or does not pick up the vehicle without a valid reason, or without a reservation cancelation, we reserve the right to charge cancelation expenses to his credit card.

Can the reservation be changed before the vehicle pick up?

The pickup and drop-off location, as well as the model of the vehicle, can be changed up to 48 hours before pick up. The pickup time can be changed up to 12 hours before pick up, and delivery services can be requested up to 48 hours before pick up.

If I can not pick up my reserved car, can someone else do it for me?

Sadly, only the owner of the credit or debit card can sign the contract in his name and pick up the vehicle.

Is there a minimum or maximum age for renting a vehivcle?

If you are 21 years old you can both rent and drive our vehicles, but keep in mind that the maximum age of rentals is 78 years old.

  • A young driver's fee of 5€ per day up to a maximum charge of 50€ per rental will apply for drivers from 21 to 23 years old.
  • A senior driver's fee of 5€ per day up to a maximum charge of 50€ per rental will apply for drivers from 72 to 78 years old.
Do you accept both Credit and Debit card?

Yes we accept both credit and debit cards:

  • Visa
  • Mastercard
  • Maestro

note: We do not accept American express or travel cards.

Do I need my driver's license to make a reservation?

When making a reservation, you don’t need to write your driver’s license number nor information, but you do need to have a valid driver’s license with you to pick up your selected vehicle. Non-EU citizens are required to produce an international driving license upon the vehicle's collection.

Can I use my credit or debit card to make a reservation for another person?

Yes you can, however keep in mind that the person signing the contract needs to be the cardholder of a valid credit or debit card.

Can I pick a specific car model?

Sadly we cannot guarantee a specific model, only the selected car category.Although we will try our best to deliver the car you have asked for. This matter always depends on the availability and last minute scheduling.

Is there a maximum vehicle rent period?

The maximum rent period is 30 days. However, in case of a need for a longer rental period than the one designated here, please contact our  Customer Support.

Can pick up and drop off be selected outside of working hours?

Yes, however in case of pick up and drop off outside the offices working hours a special fee is charged that is stated during the reservation process.

Do I need to choose additional insurance during the reservation process?

Yes, if you want the complete information about the price of your rental, however, you can always select additional packages and services during vehicle pick up.

Can I add an additional driver on my rental contract?

Of course, the additional driver can be any person of legal age with a valid driver’s license. You do however pay an additional driver fee per our current price list.

Do I pick up the vehicle with a full tank?

Eurocar's policy is same to same, that means that the vehicle has to return with the same amount of fuel as picked up.If the vehicle is not returned with the same fuel, the difference shall be charged to the client per the current price listing, along with a special fuel recharge fee.

Is there a limit on the mileage done during the rental period?

Our regular offer does not have a limit on the mileage done. In case of special offers the limit on the mileage is always clearly stat..

What is additional insurance?

With additional insurance; you can decrease your personal responsibility in case of vehicle damages. It can be either reduced or completely removed. Insurance excess depends on the vehicle category, chosen package and the amount of days the vehicle is rented for. You can check the price of additional packages during the reservation process.

Can the rented vehicle be transported via ferry?

In that case only with a SPECIAL WRITTEN PERMISSION from Eurocar is allowed to transport the vehicle outside of Crete. A fee is charged in such a case.

When do I pay for the rental services

You pay for the rental services during your vehicle pick-up procedure.

Can I add an additional driver to my rental contract?

If you have decided to add an additional driver to your contract, you can contact with our support team.

The additional driver’s fee is charged from the date you added the additional driver.

Can I rent Child Seats or GPS?

Of course. In our selection of additional equipment, you can choose GPS and child seats/boosters. If the equipment is available you can rent it, and the charges are made according to the rental period.

How do I prolong the rentals period?

You can either prolong your rental period in written form (email) or personally in our office, minimum 24 hours before your rental period ends. The price of the prolongation will be calculated by our current price list.

Can the vehicle be returned before the time mentioned on the contract?

You can return the vehicle before the time mentioned on the contract but you will not have the ability to refund for unused time.

How do I return the vehicle outside of working hours?

If you are returning the vehicle outside of the regular working hours of the office,a Eurocar employee will wait for your check out. During the vehicle pick up procedure our staff can inform the renter of the possibility of leaving the car key at a hotel reception or the place that our collegues will mention.In this case the renter must photograph the vehicle from all sides, note the exact mileage and fuel level. A complete documentation via email might be asked.

If after check up by a Eurocar employee, additional damages are discovered, we will inform you of the costs incurred via email, as well as back them up with photos and necessary documentation.

In case of vehicle damages, when and how is it paid for?

If you have the necessary insurance for the damage caused to the vehicle, and the necessary documentation you will not need to pay for the damages.

In case the damage you caused to the vehicle is not covered by the chosen insurance, it will be charged to you in accordance to already defined tariffs and vehicle categories, from the deposit funds that were reserved on your credit card during vehicle pick up, and to the maximum of the insurance excess. In addition to this, and administration fee for vehicle damages is also charged per our current price list. This is charged during vehicle drop off. The client needs to present all the documentation that was given to him by the police or by any other person (police report, Alco test report, filled euro damage report) and fill out an accident statement in the vehicle drop off.

Eurocar withholds the right to charge the whole expense of the damage caused if the Client was not acting in accordance to the rules and regulations of the Greek Traffic Code, or if he did not follow the procedure of reporting the accident.

Can my credit card be charged after the rental period?

If there is a need for additional payment after the rental period has ended you will be informed of it via email.

Some of the possible reasons for additional payments.

  • Parking tickets.
  • Traffic tickets.
  • Vehicle damages, or drop offs with fuel level below the pick-up level discovered after drop off via key box.
  • Damages discovered after car cleaning if they were no visible during drop off.
How long afte vehicle drop off does it take for my deposit to be unblocked?

The time for the return of the deposit to your account can last from 15 to 40 days and it depends on your credit card and bank. Eurocar rent a car does not have access to the authorized funds and cannot use them without your approval.

How to insure the vehicle when parking it?

When parking and leaving the vehicle make certain of the following

  • Fully close all windows
  • Put the gear shift knob in to first speed or reverse ( on vehicles with automatic transmission, put them in to P, on vehicles with robotized transmission put them in to N
  • Make certain to activate the handbrake, and turn of the engine.
  • Do not leave personal items on visible places (we cannot be held responsible for them)
  • Lock and make certain all doors are
  • Carry the keys and document etui with yourself at all times
What to do in case of a traffic accident, a vehicle damage,brake in, theft atempt and vandalism?

In case of a traffic accident and or vehicle damage, immediately call 100 and fill in the euro report. If the rented vehicle is not in a driveable condition, please contact our technical support. At vehicle drop off you are required to submit the Alco test report.

In case of theft(or theft attempt) or brake in, immediately contact 100 and contact our technical support.

In case of vandalism or a parked vehicle being damaged by an unknown perpetrator, you are also obliged to call the police who will than file a report that you are required to submit at vehicle drop off.

NOTE: In special situations, if it’s a case of a smaller vehicle damage (small scratch or dent, or smaller accident without any other participant), with consent from the technical support and photos of the accident, you may only fill in the euro report without contacting the police.

How to correctly install a child seat/booster?

ADVICE 1: We advise you to always keep your children in child seats or boosters that conform to their age and to always put a safety belt on them.

ADVICE 2: We advise you to place the child seat and or booster behind the passengers seat. Try to adjust the passenger’s seat to its highest level, while pushing it fully back in an upright positon. This is the safest positon for children. If you need to place more than one child seat/ booster, please always do so on back seats.

ADVICE 3: If you decide to put the child seat/booster in the front passenger’s seat, make certain to always turn of the passenger’s side air bag (the switch is located in the glove compartment or on the side of the dashboard). Also, make certain that this type of child transportation is allowed in your country.

ADVICE 4: Never put children younger than 12 in the front passenger’s seat.

Can I take the rented vehicle to a repair or tire shop to have it checked or worked on?

In case of need for a vehicle check-up, or performing any of the above-mentioned actions, you are obliged to contact our customer support department that will inform you of the necessary procedure needed for performing any, and all work on the vehicle by a third party, and if need be, give authorization to the repair shop that will perform the repairs. Please follow this procedure, or we will not be able to return your money to you.

NOTE: You need to inform our technical support and ask for authorization for all work to be done on the vehicle.

How do I know that the rented vehicle needs regular maintenance?

We pay special attention to regularly servicing our cars, so they would be safe for our clients and so they would keep their value and the manufacturers guarantee. To inform yourself of the time/kilometer period in which it is necessary to perform regular maintenance, as well as the last time it was made, please check the vehicles card in the document etui. Also all of our vehicles are equipped with a service indicator, that upon its turning on, lets you know that you have to perform its regular maintenance. If it is necessary to perform the vehicles regular maintenance soon, please contact our technical support, with which you will agree upon the aforementioned maintenance, and or a replacement vehicle

NOTE: So the manufacturers guarantee would not be lost, maximum period for postponing regular maintenance is 500 kilometres or 5 working days, please keep that in mind as to avoid unnecessary expenses associated with voiding the vehicles warranty.

Can the driver or the passengers smoke inside the car?

Our vehicles are completely cleaned on the inside and outside after each rental. Regardless, smoking inside our vehicles is not allowed, and we kindly ask you to obey this rule, so our vehicles would remain impeccably clean, and the inside smell pleasant. In case of you disobeying this rule we will have to charge you for dry cleaning – because we put in maximum effort in keeping the car clean and pleasant smelling.

Can rented vehicles be used on roads that are not first class?

Rented vehicles can only be used on first class roads (city/ local asphalted roads, highways and similar) Regardless of the vehicle category, it is not allowed to use them on unpaved roads, off-road terrain etc. For more details please check the contract.

ADVICE 1: Movement or roads of lower classes is allowed only in cases when the local authorities force you to use such alternate roads due to roadblocks etc. We kindly ask you, that in such cases you adjust your speed to the conditions on the road while having special consideration for poor road conditions (holes, bumps etc.) that can cause large end expensive damages to the rented vehicle.

Can the rented vehicle be used to transport heavy objects?

Transportation of large and heavy objects is not allowed in order to avoid damages to the interior that can be very expensive.

ADVICE 1: If the bunker cannot hold your luggage to the level of the bunker shelf, please do not forcibly close the bunker door as this can lead to expensive damages.

ADVICE 2: If your luggage does not fit in the car bunker, please do not remove the bunker shelf, or place heavy objects on it. The bunker shelf is very expensive, so be careful not to lose it or damage it.

How can I contact the techinical support ?

You can contact our technical support via phone or email, stated on the car document etui. You can also check the contacts for technical support under the Contacts section.

How do I deactivate the tire pressure indicator?

If the tire pressure indicator appears on the instrument panel and the central display on the dashboard, please adjust the tire pressure according to the sticker on the driver’s side of the door, or the inside of the fuel tank cap. In case your vehicle has:

INDIRECT TIRE PRESSURE SURVEILENCE/CONTROL SYSTEM: After adjusting the pressure in all 4 tires, according to the vehicles model, hold the indicator switch until the sound signal, or deactivate it through the central dashboard screen in the Vehicle Parameters screen.

DIRECT TIRE PRESSURE CONTROL SYSTEM: After adjusting the tire pressure in all 4 tires, the light indicator and the message on the central screen turn off, and you can read the new tire pressure for every separate tire on the central dashboard screen under the Vehicle Parameters screen and or via the travel computer. The tire pressure indicator can also turn off after a couple of minutes of driving.

What if I run out of fuel?

If the rented vehicle runs out of fuel during your drive, try and stop the vehicle in the safest possible conditions, turn on all 4 signal lights, shut down the engine, activate the hand brake and put the signal triangle on the proper distance from the vehicle. At the closest gas station buy a plastic canister and pour in at least 5 litres of the proper fuel (according to the label on the fuel tank cap). If after a couple tries the vehicle engine still does not start, please avoid further attempts as to reduce the possibility of damaging the engine, and contact our technical support.

ADVICE: Never drive with a low fuel level. As soon as the reserve lamp turns on or the fuel level is at ¼ please stop at the nearest gas station and pour in the proper fuel.

What do I do if I used the wrong type of fuel?

If the vehicle is refuelled with the wrong fuel type, please do not try and start the engine to protect the vehicle from any further damage. Please contact our technical support which will organize the beast and cheapest solution for you so you can continue with you trip without any further complications.

ADVICE: Before refuelling always make certain the fuel is compatible with our vehicle, according to the labels on the vehicle, and car key chain.

What if I can not start the engine?

If you cannot start the vehicle, please follow these steps

  • If you have a mechanical (conventional) key, unlock the wheel by moving it left and right until you turn the contact on, and if you have a Bluetooth key, move the key case away from electronical device (smartphone, iPod, etc.) The Bluetooth key must be inside the vehicle, and all the doors need to be closed.
  • In case of an automatic transmission, close all doors, push the brake pedal, during ignition the gear shift knob must be in P or N, turn the key or push start (depending on the car equipment)
  • In case of robotized transmission; close all doors, press and hold the brake pedal, the gear shift knob must be in N turn the key or push start (depending on the car equipment)
  • In case of manual transmission: close all doors, push and hold the clutch pedal, put the gear shift knob in neutral position, turn the key or push start (depending on the car equipment)
  • However even if the vehicle engine does not turn on after performing the actions stated above, and the instrument panel does not show signs of ignition, the vehicle probably cannot start due to some malfunction. Check if any message appears on the dashboard or instrument panel. Also, try and remember if you left on the lights, radio or similar which could have drained the cars battery and make it impossible to turn on the vehicle. In such a case please try to start the vehicle by using jumper cables. For your own safety, and to avoid potential damage to the car, please do not try to start the vehicle by pushing it or going downhill, nor by putting it in to gear or by using the clutch.  This could cause a huge and very expensive malfunction to the vehicle. If you do not manage to turn the vehicle on, please contact out technical support.
What to do in case of car key loss?

In case you lost your car keys, please contact our technical support, with whom you will arrange the delivery of the spare key to your location, and who will inform you of the costs that will be added to your bill during vehicle drop off.

What to do in case of loss or theft of the document etui or license plates?

In the shortest possible time report the loss or theft to the nearest police station, where you will receive a confirmation document of the event that occurred. At vehicle drop off be certain to submit it to our colleagues in the office. Also, please inform us of the situation in the period of 24 hours after it has occurred via email or by phoning our technical support.

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