Visitors to Souda (Chania) Port Will be thrilled with the natural beauty of the area. This is one of the largest natural bays in the entire Mediterranean Sea, so there is a thriving port environment. 

Furthermore, the area is a hub of natural beauty, making it a good choice for people to visit on holiday anyway. Not only can you enjoy the ocean, but there are also lots of historical areas to look at that are quite fascinating.

Charmingly Rustic 

Like a lot of port areas in Crete, this is charmingly rustic. You have a nice mix of more traditional elements with things like tourist locations, but the bulk of the architecture and local area is entrenched in history.

Plenty of Boats

Like any port area, there are plenty of boats. This means that there are ample opportunities to find a ship and sail around, seeing both the island and other natural parts of the area from a whole new perspective.

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