Hersonissos is a small town located in the northern part of Crete, about 25km away from Heraklio, the islands capital.

Hersonissos is widely known to the world as a paradise for youth entertainment. This place is one of the most famous seaside fun parks, wide choice of shops, bars and buzzing nightspots.

Make sure to enjoy every single minute on nightlife as there will still be quite a lot of time on the island to rest! Crete is already popular for its vibrant nightlife, but in this place is the cherry on top of the cake. In order to enjoy every aspect of the island make sure to rent your car in advance and off you go!

Uncomplicated hassle-free ride

Renting a car here would be very helpful since you don’t want to rush anywhere and yet have time to see everything you went for. It is always better to have your own car and drive yourselves around, nobody wants to lose time from their vacation on waiting for the bus or trying to find a taxi. So why don’t you think again and the next time when you are going somewhere, do your rent.

Worth-visiting nearly attractions

The general location of the small town is its major advantage. Siituated in a picturesque oasis, where the graceful silhouette of the Lasithi rocks is washed by the turquoise waters of the Cretan sea, it has become a real source of aesthetic pleasure. Hersonissos itself stands on a hill, from where you will see such landscapes that can only be imagined in a fairytale. Its excellent cuisine and mediterranean culinary creations combine pleasure with relaxation at the same time

The strength of this world-famous culinary choice lies in the freshness with a short selection of Cretan dishes that will peak your food barometer. Before you leave the island make sure to visit the Labyrinth Theme Park which is situated on the 4th klm of the Hersonissos to Kasteli road, on the hillside above Hersonissos. The Labyrinth theme park is a family destination park with numerous interactive activities.

Road trips in Crete

The hospitable and sunny island of Crete is one of the most popular beach destinations in the Mediterranean Sea. You will find the most atractive beaches in the picturesque bays of the island, crystal clear waters, as well as the historical antiquities of Heraklion, Agios Nikolaos and Rethymnon. The Heraklion Archaeological Museum is one of the largest museums in Greece, which contains a rich collection of artifacts of the Minoan civilization.

Since you will be in town you should get to Knossos Palace as well, an ancient monument to the Minoan civilization that flourished in Crete during the Bronze Age.The Palace of Knossos is the legendary labyrinth where the fierce Minotaur lived. Another great place to visit is Rethymnon City which is located on the western part of Crete. Many of the sights of Rethymno have perfectly survived till nowadays, as the Venetian fortress Fortezza. Among the visited and popular places, one can appreciate the Archaeological and Historical-Ethnographic Museums, the ancient Rimondi Fountain and the Venetian port.

Chersonissos Car Rental

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