If you want to visit what is dubbed the party capital of Greece, then you should definitely visit Malia. This quiet town is a four-hour flight from London but is considered to be one of the most vibrant areas in Greece.

Don’t be fooled, however. When one looks past the fledgling party capital and vibrant nightlife, there is a sensitive, soulful part of the town that makes itself known in the churches and traditional taverns.

Easy Access

Access to this gorgeous part of Greece is very easy. The area is located 45 minutes from Heraklion, which is the historical capital of the area. 

However, it is also easy to base yourself in Malia itself and enjoy all that is on offer. The choice is yours - you have options regardless. 

The Town of Parties

When it comes to the town of parties, you’re in for a treat. The entire area is filled with clubs and bars, with an entire strip of land being dedicated to the thrill of a good party.

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