As a location, this is a distinctly unique one. Rethymno Is special because it is one of the only towns in the entirety of Crete that is built on a cape, so you have the proximity to the beach along with the charm and history of the town. It makes for a unique location. 

Visitors to the area will find a charming contrast between old and new. Modern tourist-style attractions combine old architecture, Venetian influences, and of course, the relaxation of the beach.

A Timeless Quality 

Perhaps one of the most admirable things about the area is the fact that it manages to create a very timeless feel. It doesn’t seem to matter what new buildings are installed or what the town chooses to do with itself; it looks timeless.

Understandably, this makes it a very unique place to visit. You can stop by and enjoy traditional cuisine, see the Venetian and Turkish influences in the architecture, and relax on the beach. 

Early Morning Exploration 

The best time to explore the area has been voted to be the early morning when the bulk of the tourists are still asleep. You can get a better look at the architecture and culture of the area and enjoy a nice coffee as the sun comes up.

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